Monday’s Seaside Motivation

If you fell down yesterday, stand up today… ~ H.G. Wells From sunrise to sunset, another beautiful winter day in Wildwood, NJ 2023

Winter’s Seaside Leftovers

Winter is not a season. It’s an Occupation… ~ Sinclair Lewis The dawn of a new winter day in Wildwood, NJ 2023 With less than one month left of winter, what’s left this winter to do? We’ve (presumably) gotten our steps in courtesy of bundled-up beach walks, we’ve admired the view and enjoyed the occasional…

Monday’s Seaside Motivation

Be mindful of how you approach time. Watching the clock is not the same as watching the sun rise… ~ Sophia Bedford Pierce Time is captured perfectly courtesy of a sunrise walk on a beautiful winter morning in Wildwood, NJ 2023

Sweet Seaside Days

True Love stories never have endings… ~Richard Bach Love is all around at the end of a seawall stroll in Wildwood, NJ Winter 2019 That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet… ~ Emily Dickenson During the sweetest week of the year, when the dark still exceeds the light, but chocolate…

Monday’s Seaside Motivation

No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else… P.T. Barnum No two summer sunrises are alike in Wildwood, NJ 2020

February’s Seaside To Do List

Sweet Sunset Mornings… February “seas” the sunlight leading to the sweetest sunrise in Wildwood, NJ winter 2023 In between the winter chores, chocolate consuming and countdown to Memorial Day, I plan to make the most of these sweater-weather days. Naturally, I recommend we keep things sweet but simple. Why not choose to… Follow the Sunshine…

Monday’s Seaside Motivation

Success is a journey not a destination. The doing is more important than the outcome… ~ Arthur Ashe A successful journey leading to the prettiest sunrise in Wildwood, NJ winter 2023

Hello, Seaside February!

February follows the Sunset… The best roads lead to the sweetest sunsets in Wildwood, NJ Winter 2023 February finds winter beautiful…feels more alive seaside…still takes Beach Walks!🏖️ …watches snow touch sand…makes a snow angel…👼believes life is good…gathers by a fireplace…tells stories…Celebrates Valentine’s Day! shares heart-shaped chocolates…❤️🍫cruises by candlelight…counts down to the Summer of 2023…waits for…

Monday’s Seaside Motivation

Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance… ~ Eckhart Tolle Acknowledging the abundance only found in a winter sunrise in Wildwood, NJ 2023

Lessons from a Seaside Winter

What warms your winter heart? ❤️ A winter’s sunrise has lessons to tell in Wildwood, NJ 2019 Seaside school is always in session:) As we trudge through these chilly, where’s-the-sun? days, try and remember: Beach Bums are Beautiful no Matter the Season Sunshine soothes even the Coldest Soul🌞 Water Aerobics prepare us for Summer Surfing…