October Personified


Originally appeared in the Sun by the Sea newspaper


“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” Anne of Green Gables

October brings a light frost to early mornings. Trades in flip flops for sneakers. Rakes leaves. Studies their amber shades. Magically blends orange, red, and gold. Celebrates Octoberfest. Joins a hockey team. Still goes surfing. Feels a slight chill. Removes a favored sweater from the closet. Relaxes on a porch swing. Catches forty winks. Wakes to a rainbow. Sees miracles everywhere. Enjoys one last merry go round ride. Relives sweet childhood moments. Knows it’s never too chilly for ice cream! Makes time for a glowing sunset. Watches the harvest moon engulf the turquoise sky. Witnesses the darkening effect on the ocean. Plans on winning the Halloween House Decorating Contest! Finds the perfect costume. Loves pretending. Reads scary stories. Roasts marshmallows. Visits a pumpkin patch. Dresses a scarecrow. Journeys by hayride. Steps back into the Fabulous 50’s. Hums along to each song. Believes there’s magic in music. Listens with a wide open heart…

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