Notes for November


NOVEMBER….the last month of Autumn, but the beginning of a new adventure. Time to take risks and do the unexpected ~ Pinterest

Enjoy Moments in the Sun….Celebrate Thanksgiving with Loved Ones….Walk on a Deserted Beach…Discover Dreams Once out of Reach…Work out with Boardwalk Sprints…Drop a Bunch of Wish-List Hints…Win a Coveted Christmas Gift at Coach Bingo…Bring Your own Luck Wherever you Go! Get Warm by the Fireplace….Wrap up in Fabrics Made of Linen & Lace…Spend Time in the Salt-Scented Outdoors….Watch Lingering Seagulls Soar…Be Grateful for Moments Big and Small…Enjoy a Stroll on the Seawall…Glide Around the Ice Skating Rink…Paint a Sunset with Colors of Yellow and Pink…Search for the Perfect Christmas Tree…Know Being by the Sea is the Sweetest Place to Be…

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