Advice by Dear Agatha


Letter to “Advice Columnist” Agatha…Originally Published in the Sun by the Sea newspaper…
Dear Agatha:
I’m worried. There’s this rumor going around that
there is no Santa Claus. It’s all over the third
grade! My friends think it might be true. Everyone
from the bay to the beach thinks it might be true! I
can’t even ride my bike (with the pink tassels that
Santa SUPPOSEBLY brought me last year) on the
boardwalk without hearing those awful words. I thought
if I wrote to you at the Sun, you could help me
figyour if out ‘cause you seem to know a lot about a
lot. No Santa Claus? Can this be true?
Worried in Wildwood
(My friends call me Veronica)

Dear Worried in Wildwood:
After countless hours on the Internet (who knew it
would take so long?) I have come to one conclusion:
There is a Santa Claus. Have you ever heard of someone
who didn’t exist having 4,220,000 websites devoted to
them? Why, the nice folks at (serving
all your Santa needs since 1994) would be so upset to
hear this. They devote their happy little lives to
spreading the Santa word. Why, the fat jolly guy’s
even got his own fan club (of which I’m a proud
I understand your concerns. The world is filled with
nonbelievers. Rest assured, there is so much to
believe in! More than little minds can ever imagine.
All people, little and big, fail to understand this
one simple truth: just because we can’t see something
doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.

Yes, Veronica, there is a Santa Claus.

Santa Claus can be found in the gentle waves and the
ocean breeze. Santa is sunlight and warmth; he is love
and kindness. He exists in the sunrise over the ocean
and the sunset over the bay. Imagine our world without
these things, without Santa Claus. Why, it would be
impossible without faith. We would find joy only in
what our eyes can see and not in what our hearts can
feel. The world would have no light if all its souls
were dark.

Imagine not believing in Santa Claus! It’s like saying
there’s no Tooth Fairy and no Easter bunny! Why do we
need proof that these magical beings exist? Can’t we

just be happy that they do? Yes, nobody sees Santa
Claus. Yes, most of our ideas about Santa Claus come
from stories we’ve been told, not events that we’ve
witnessed. Does that mean that there is no Santa
Claus? The things that are the truest in the world are
the things that can’t be seen. It is not possible to
see all of life’s wonders, big and small.

Don’t worry, Veronica, Santa Claus will be around
forever. He will live on, generation after generation,
in the hearts of everyone who believes!

As for Dear Aggie, I’m keeping my Santa fan club
membership (where the only dues are a believing

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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