It’s a Wonderful (Seaside) Life




“All you can take with you is that which you’ve given away.” Sign on George Bailey’s office wall in It’s a Wonderful Life


Yes, I know that was so last week, but let’s think about the title. Is a Wonderful Life strictly for the holiday season? Are guardian angels and ringing bells required? For a truly wonderful life, do we need to kick the miserly banker to the curb but keep the kindly townsfolk?

Did the gifts we gave (and received) reflect the best that a good life brings (including but not limited to a seaside getaway?:))

By leaving old baggage behind, we make  room for new memories-in-the-making along with healthy resolutions of the realistic kind that just might include beach power walks and boardwalk bike rides, which comprise the ultimate calorie burner/cardio workout, naturally made complete with a scene-stealing ocean view.

What will you be taking with you into the new year? Most importantly, how Wonderful will Life in 2020 be by the sea…?


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