Seaside Cures for the Winter Blues

Winter got you downer than the bottom of the pool at the Waterparks? Are you dreaming of the view from high atop the Giant Ferris Wheel while fighting off a giant cold? No need to panic, my friends, you are merely suffering from a case of the Winter Blues, also known as, Can’t Wait for Summer-itis. No worries, CWFSI is a common ailment easily cured through several simply steps. Start by taking an early morning stroll and watching the sunrise over the ocean (bring those sunglasses!), guaranteed to lift your gloomy spirits, followed by a brisk beach walk (scarves as opposed to surfboards being the required beach accessory these days). Next, with the proper attire, a Boardwalk bike ride promises to show you the scenic, small-town sites (destined to rival those scenic, small-town sites found in any Hallmark movie). At your desired speed, you’re sure to be inspired as you drift along, dreaming of summer (127 days to go!) Don’t spend too much time summer daydreaming, though, or you might miss all that winter has to offer along the coast. The cold, salt air combo really does have magical, medicinal powers! Also, it’s decidedly more quiet these days without the crowds, making those walks/bike rides more pleasurable with less chance of an unfortunate collision with a fellow sea-sider. Wrap things up (or down, depending on how you look at it) by taking in a one-of-a-kind sunset at the appropriately named Sunset Lake and you’ve got the makings of a Perfect Winter’s Day!

Ready for a winter’s sure-to-cure seaside collision?

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