March’s Seaside Personified



Photo Taken in Wildwood, NJ

Originally Published in the Sun by the Sea newspaper…print and online at

“March brings breezes, loud and shrill, Stirs the dancing daffodil.”   ~ Sara Coleridge, The Garden Year

March makes a sweet change of season. Prepares the Garden. Jumps over sandy puddle. Feels the first hint of warm days. Looks for the Sun. Sees signs of boardwalk activity. Listens to the melody of the sea. Dances among the Daffodils. Lives in perfect harmony. Loves life’s little things. Dons vintage wear. Connects with another era. Creates snow-tipped angels in the sand. Shakes hands with St. Patrick. Picks four-leaf clovers. Considers each seaside day lucky. Stops to witness the end of winter. Welcomes spring…

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