Hello, April!

Photo Taken in Wildwood, NJ on March 31, 2019


[Originally Published (with a few tweaks:) in the Sun by the Sea newspaper…print and online at: http://www.sunbythesea.com

“Is the spring coming?” he said…What is it like?”…”It is the sun shining on the rain and the rain falling on the sunshine.” ~Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden.

April arrives in brilliant light. Twirls in the lingering rain. Jumps over puddles. Washes away the winter. Peaks at the Sun behind the clouds. Casts sunbeams over shadows. Remains young at heart. Writes a letter to the Easter Bunny. Observes everything with an open heart. Believes anything is possible. Soars above a softly-tinted skyline. Promises a new beginning.  Catches a cool morning Seabreeze. Sparkles along with the afternoon sun. Spends time imagining. Draws pictures in the sand. Dances among the daisies. Acknowledges Earth Day. Digs in the garden! Plants happy memories. Plans a vacation. Loves all things salt-scented. Looks for the rainbow following the rain.  Finds Heaven on Earth…

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