Seaside Goals

Winter 2019 in Wildwood, NJ

“The tragedy of life doesn’t lie in NOT reaching your goals. The tragedy lies in having NO GOALS to reach.”  ~ Benjamin Mays

While I don’t want my actions (or lack of actions, in this case) to contribute to the tragedies of life, current circumstances (thank you COVID-19) making setting lofty goals a bit more challenging (my aversion to the word GOALS isn’t helping matters any, especially when it’s written in all caps). Consequently, I’m keeping my pre-summer goals attainable but worthwhile, nonetheless. Travel restrictions make swimming the English Channel improbable (and not my “cup of tea,” anyway, seeing as how my survival would be highly unlikely).  While some industrious souls look for their place in the Guinness Book of World Records, I’m content to find a sweet spot with an ocean view. I’ll always opt for a safe, simple day by the sea, with the sun as my ultimate tour guide. With that happily in mind, I aim to:

Travel Down a Fresh, Sandy Path

Brake for Beach Yoga (sure to rival the aforementioned English Channel swimming in the Fitness Department)

Cruise the Coastline (where there’s no such thing as a Wrong Turn)

Collect Seashells

Watch Spring Turn into Summer…

What are your “lofty GOALS” these waning days of spring?



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