Weekend Workout Seaside Style

Wildwood, NJ May 2020

With the heat rising, and with summer approaching at rollercoaster speed, it’s important to pace ourselves while still being productive.

Are you looking for the ideal seaside workout (without the whole Working Out thingy?) Consider all the health benefits you will undoubtedly reap from the following handy “workout tips”:

Stroll to the Beach & Break in a new Pair of Flip Flops (celebrate National Flip Flop Day in style)

Sip Bottled Iced Tea by the Sea (increase hand-to-mouth coordination)

Build a Three-Story Sandcastle (prototype for that dream beach house)

Repeatedly Stretch to Reach the Salsa and Chips (real yoga moves may be required)

Count Stars (the best mental workout😊)

Feel Lucky (endorphin rush beats actual rushing!)

Repeat as often as necessary…Happy Pre-Summer Workout!👙🩱

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