Advice from my Future (Seaside) Self



Wildwood, NJ May 2020

Is there anyone wiser in the world than your been-there-done-that future self? You know, the little voice in your head telling you how important it is to eat your veggies and not stress the small stuff but, of course, if you do, the perfect place to destress is by the sea…The Future You is clearly chockful of wisdom! Why not get in touch with that Inner Future Seaside Self, who is the best guide to the Perfect Summer of 2020 (among other things?)

My FSS (Future Seaside Self), being the wise old soul she surely must be, would certainly recommend the following:

Wake up early. Inspiration, not to mention peace and quiet, is unsurprisingly found when others are still sleeping.

Always notice nature! It teaches us so much (and who couldn’t use a life lesson via Mother Nature Herself?)

Embrace the changing seasons. Summer by the sea is naturally the place to be. However, a Harvest Moon reflected off the ocean can’t be beat, the winter sun makes everything brighter and better and spring, well, it promises the prettiest of beginnings, naturally leading us back to another sunny, seaside summer.

Look for (and therefore, discover) the good in everything (even slight tan lines are proof of a day well spent. Just don’t forget the SPF!)

Discover your playful side. Sandcastles, miniature golf and kite flying, to name a few, are all worthy activities in a sandy, picturesque scenery.

Finally, and possibly most importantly…

Watch more sunrises and sunsets…the ultimate feel-good reality show…

Wildwood, NJ May 2020

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