Flashback Friday Feature: Seaside Movie Days Gone By



On this week’s Friday Flashback in Movie Time Tour, we revisit the year 2007, when Harry Potter had things in movie order and the Transformers were, well, transforming the movie scene. There was an appearance by Jane Austin, Matt Damon was Bourne again, reservations were being taken and wedding licenses were granted. We, naturally, reserve the right to enjoy the scenery, both seaside and cinematic!

Hope you’re enjoying this story-filled season…

Meg the Movie Buff Goes to Hollywood

Originally Published in the Sun by the Sea July/August 2005 edition

Following a mysterious visit from the Transformers, spring has magically changed into summer. With extended daylight and an obvious rise in temperature, resident wizard Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix has declared The Invasion of summer. While an SPF is called for, a License to Wed is not required to soak up the salt air and sunshine.

Although neither SPF nor a license is needed at your neighborhood movie theater, please check your local listings for release date changes.


Two groups of opposing alien Transformers (opens July 4th) alternate their robotic time between transforming into cars, plane and ships, among other things.  (The Sea Serpent? The Great Nor’Easter?) and fighting it out on earth. Stars Shia LeBeouf, Megan Fox and Michael Clark Duncan.

An unconventional reverend (Robin Williams) puts an engaged couple (John Krasinski and Mandy Moore) through a tough marriage prep course, way less enlightening than a day of deep sea diving, before granting them a License to Wed (opens July 4th).

Things take a dark, sunless turn for Harry Potter (and the Order of Phoenix, opens July 13th) when the wizarding community questions Harry’s (Daniel Radcliffe) integrity and refuses to accept the news that Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes) is back. After battling the dark forces, perhaps Harry can use his special blend of wizardry to extend summer.

No Hairspray (opens July 20th) needed when an outcast teenager (Nikki Blonsky) gets on a local television dance show and paves the way for black and white integration on the small screen. Also stars John Travolta and Queen Latifah. Qualifying for a spot in the Miss North Wildwood Competition should be a (cool) breeze for the former outsider.

There are No Reservations (opens July 27th) in the life of an emotional, uptight chef (Catherine Zeta Jones) (whose fancy menu does not include boardwalk cuisine) until she becomes guardian to her young niece (Abigail Breslin).

A lab accident turns a meek canine into Underdog (voice of Jason Lee, opens August 3rd) a rhyme-speaking super heroic dog intent on protecting his girlfriend (voice of Amy Adams) and Capital City’s citizens from made scientist Simon Barsinister (voice of Peter Dinklage). Even if he’s unable to beat his rival, a super-powered dog would make an excellent addition to the Ultimate Frisbee Tournament.

Needing more of a challenge than thrill rides inspire, amnesiac spy Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) issues The Bourne Ultimatum (opens August 3rd) to his arch enemy the Jackal (Edgar Ramirez) while getting closer to figuring out his true identity. Also stars Joan Allen and Julia Stiles.

Jane Austin (Anne Hathaway) finds herself Becoming Jane (opens August 3rd) pre-novel fame when she experiences love with a young Irishman (James McAvoy). Imagine what a little Music by the Ocean could have inspired…

A newspaper reporter (Josh Hartnett) tries Resurrecting the Champ (opens August 3rd) when he bonds with a homeless man (Samuel L. Jackson) he believes to be a long-forgotten champion boxer everyone thought was dead. Fresh sea air and daily two-mile strolls on the boardwalk may bring him back to life.

Tristan (Charlie Cox) falls in love with a girl from the village (Sienna Miller) who has Stardust (opens August 10th) in her eyes. He attempts to retrieve for her a fallen star, which turns out to be a beautiful woman (Claire Danes) being pursued by a dangerous group. A new twist on indoor summer stargazing.

A Washington psychiatrist (Nicole Kidman) discovers the source of The Invasion (opens August 17th), an alien epidemic only her son may possess the answer to ending. Maybe she can analyze alien invaders reaction to Fireworks on the Beach.


Before Resurrecting the Champ, the Underdog heroically breathes new life into summer, replacing sticky Hairspray with salt water on a more Becoming Jane while challenging The Bourne Ultimatum to a game of beach volleyball. Being the miraculous town that Wildwood is, Stardust could be found falling from a twinkling sky.

A mystical summer at the movies (and at the shore) has begun! No Reservations required…🍿🍿

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