Midsummer Seaside Report


“Hand in hand, with fairy grace, we will sing, and bless this place.”

~ William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

We’re halfway through the Summer of 2020, and you may be wondering,  Is this all there is? Well, now, let’s define “is.” Is the sun still rising in perfect harmony with the sea? Does it set any less colorfully and clearly? What about those hours in between? Despite the many, COVID-19-mandated cancellations, Mother Nature refuses to be overturned! Sandcastles are just as sweet (as is the ice cream, thank you, Kohrs Brothers). The days are still as (typically) sunny and scorching, with the occasional rainbow to magically counteract the storms that inevitably pop up, and the nights, well, the stars remain aligned.

As we find our way through life’s storms, let’s not forget to look up and notice the beauty that continues to surround us, by sun-drenched land and by sandy sea…


All Photos Naturally Taken in Beautiful Wildwood by the Sea…

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