Seaside Spontaneity


Only in spontaneity can we be who we truly are. ~ John McLaughlin

Photo Taken During a Spontaneous Morning Walk in Wildwood NJ Summer 2020

Has summer somehow gotten away from you with little fanfare? Has COVID-19 copped  your typical summer plans? Fear not, summer’s not over yet! We just need to redefine the term “Plans.” Sure, past summers may have found you sailing happily from event to event, scheduling your summer fun long before winter’s end. Present times, however, have us following a quieter trail.

Ever heard of the No Plan Plan? By ironic intention, NPP requires no forethought. Spontaneity is the friend of the little moments, when a walk on the beach requires no design, just a simple desire. A bike ride provides all the benefits of a tour guide without requiring an actual, socially-distanced guide (plus the workout does wonders for the psyche of those casual, go-with-the-flow-ers among us). Sure, watching the sunrise/sunset requires some timing; showing up at 3 PM for either experience is ill-advised, but scheduling time in your social calendar for catching Mother Nature at her finest is hardly necessary.

Whether building castles in the sand or counting stars in the sky, from sunrise to sunset, may you find your path leading to summer’s end both sandy and scenic.


Following a Scenic, Seaside Path

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