Hello, September!


All lined up for a beachy September…

A quiet start to another beautiful Wildwood morning…

Originally Published in the September/October 2006 edition of The Sun by the Sea…print and online at: http://www.sunbythesea.com

September dreams in vibrant color. Witnesses the turquoise ocean under the orange sky. Picks yellow daisies by the dozen. Rushes to end-of-summer $ale$. Looks forward to fall clothes. Plays hookey. Enjoys one last tram car ride. Hears the ocean. Listens to music under the stars. ⭐🎶⭐Wraps up in light blankets. Goes on treasure hunts. Takes a ferry ride. Feels the strong breeze. Drinks Chai tea. 🍵Signs up for yoga class. Gets lazy at picnics. Takes time to smell the scented flowers. Goes on lighthouse tours. First in line at the Fall Festival! Soaks up the sun.🌞 Stretches out on quiet days. Stays awake on peaceful nights. Holds close each happy seaside minute…⛱

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