Flashback Friday Feature: Movie Days Gone By


The Sun tells its own Show-Stopping Story…

Catching the show Mother Nature is putting on in Wildwood, NJ September 2020

Sailing beautifully through September, this week’s Flashback in Movie Time Tour has proven to be quite Illuminating! Judging by the scenery, we have Proof that almost fall by the sea is the sweetest time of year. Way back in the year 2005, legends Capote and Zorro were swapping stories, while legends-in-the-making Depp and Aniston were causing all sorts of cinematic trouble. The Flight Plan predicted successfully sunny skies by the sea and on the big screen…

Hope your plans include the fall foliage and the finest films!

Meg the Movie Buff Goes to Hollywood


Originally Published in the Sun by the Sea…September/October 2005 edition

Sad that summer’s nearly over? Don’t be, the Flightplan calls for clear, sunny skies, where Everything is Illuminated. Now is the perfect time to take a walk Into the Blue with a Shopgirl or two! There’s plenty of Proof that fall is Prime time for the movies!

Before walking to the nearest movie theater, be sure to check your local listings, as release dates occasionally change😊

Ben Kingsley hears A Sound of Thunder (opens Sept. 2nd) as he travels back in time looking for dinosaurs. One misstep (on a butterfly, no less) starts a chain reaction that puts mankind at risk. Co-star Edward Burns watches his step while trying to save the world. If only Ben had stepped onto soft sand…

Gwyneth Paltrow has Proof (opens Sept. 16th) that math professor Anthony Hopkins is mentally ill. Further proof that life on an island is much less complicated.

Architect Mark Ruffalo is living a life Just Like Heaven (opens Sept. 16th) with a heavenly spirit (Reese Witherspoon) residing in his San Francisco home. Slight problem: her body’s in danger of being pulled off life support in a nearby hospital. Hopefully, this film will answer the question: Can disembodied souls take romantic strolls on the beach?’

The Libertine (opens Sept. 16th) stars Johnny Depp as the Earl of Rochester, the 17th Century poet who died young following a drinking problem (among other things). If only he lived near a soul-lifting beach…

For Jewish-American Elijah Wood, Everything is Illuminated (opens Sept. 16th) as he searches for the woman who saved his grandfather’s life in WWII. A light title for an otherwise heavy topic.

Widow Jodie Foster has a Flightplan (opens Sept. 23rd) which includes traveling from Berlin to New York with her daughter, who disappears halfway through the flight. Too bad no one remembers seeing her daughter on that flight. A trip to the shore would have been a much safer Flight plan.

Into the Blue (opens Sept. 30th) stars Paul Walker and Jessica Alba as divers who must contend with a drug lord, a sunken airplane and illegal cargo (coming to an ocean nowhere near you).

Phillip Seymour Hoffman plays writer Truman Capote (opens Sept. 30th). While researching a murder case, Capote forms a relationship with one of the killers (Clifton Collins Jr.) Couldn’t he have researched the Jersey shore instead, a sure, yet non-threatening bestseller?

Jennifer Lopez is a widow living An Unfinished Life (opens Sept. 30th) until she and her daughter move to the American West to live with grouchy father-in-law Robert Redford. The lack of sea air has clearly affected his less-than sunny disposition.

On Oct. 7th, take a walk In Her Shoes, as unlikely sisters Toni Collette and Cameron Diaz attempt to get along while dealing with a grandmother (Shirley MacLaine) they never knew they had. Hopefully, her shoes are touching cool sand.

Fall is the perfect time to visit Elizabethtown (opens Oct. 14th) where Orlando Bloom is inspired by flight attendant Kirsten Dunst on his way home to his father’s memorial.

Fall is also a great time to do some shopping! Claire Danes is a Shopgirl (opens Oct. 21st) torn between a wealthy older man (Steve Martin) and a musician her own age (Jason Schwartzman). From Martin’s well-received book by the same name.

On Oct. 21st, Jennifer Aniston and business executive Clive Owen miss their train and become Derailed by blackmail and a violent crime (which is what happens when you choose train over tram).

Uma Thurman is an uptown career girl in her Prime (opens Oct. 28th) when she falls for a Brooklyn painter (Bryan Greenberg) whose mother just happens to be her psychoanalyst (Meryl Streep). Someone should tell them that salt air and sea breezes make psyches much easier to analyze.

Fall is also the time for exciting returns as Antonio Banderas and movie wife Catherine Zeta Jones are back in action as The Legend of Zorro (opens Oct. 28th).

Aren’t you glad fall is almost here? This is no time to be Derailed by cooler temperatures! Be sure to take a walk In Her Shoes through the multi-colored leaves in Elizabethtown. There, An Unfinished Life takes on a whole new meaning as A Sound of Thunder can be heard in a place Just Like Heaven (at least the Hollywood version).🍿🥤

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