Hello, October!


Keeping a Watch on a One-of-a-Kind Sunset in Wildwood, NJ October 2019

October brings a light frost to early mornings. Trades in flip flops for sneakers. Rakes leaves. Studies their amber shades. Magically blends orange, red, and gold. Celebrates Octoberfest. Joins a hockey team. Still goes surfing. Feels a slight chill. Removes a favored sweater from the closet. Relaxes on a porch swing. Catches forty winks. Wakes to a rainbow. Sees miracles everywhere. Enjoys one last merry go round ride. Relives sweet childhood moments. Knows it’s never too chilly for ice cream! Makes time for a glowing sunset. Watches the harvest moon engulf the turquoise sky. Witnesses the darkening effect on the ocean. Finds the perfect Halloween costume. Loves pretending. Reads scary stories. Roasts marshmallows. Visits a pumpkin patch. Dresses a scarecrow. Journeys by hayride. Believes there’s magic in the musical sea. Listens with a wide open heart

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