Poetry in Seaside Motion

Walking the “Poetic” Path from Summer into Autumn in Wildwood, NJ

Originally Published in the Sun by the Sea…print and online at: http://www.sunbythesea.com

As Summer into Autumn slips

And yet we sooner say

“The Summer” that “the Autumn” lest

We turn the sun away…Emily Dickinson

As summer slips into autumn, the sun shines brightly on pumpkins majestically perching on sandy beach chairs. Fall’s foliage will soon be in full bloom as the scent of fresh-baked pies mingles in the sea air.  Surrounded by maple leaves, scarecrows (if only the stuffed kind) outnumber seagulls, as bursts of orange, green, and gold magically color the seascape, proving summer is merely a prelude to fall’s vibrant light.

Along the multi-colored coast, shorter days transition into longer starry nights with the Harvest Moon as the ultimate guide. Traveling through town, it quickly becomes clear that the time that FALLs between summer and winter should not be missed as melancholy moments take a back seat to fall’s brightest events (pumpkin picking replaces pier hopping). No matter how you choose to spend your days, no seaside time is misspent during this softest of seasons…🎃🎃

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