Flashback Friday Feature: Movie Days Gone By


A Picture-Perfect View in Wildwood, NJ October 2019

This weeks’ Flashback in Movie Time Tour features The Autumn of 2010, where the most interesting Social Network broadcasted the brightest tales. As Life as We Know It moved beautifully through the most colorful of seasons, The American, along with more than a few animated creatures and crazy characters, arrived in The Town Hereafter known as a little slice of seaside Heaven on Earth, where Legendary stories are forever being created.

Originally Published in the Sun by the Sea…September/October 2010 edition

Meg the Movie Buff Goes to Hollywood

`With summer softly breezing by, The American has just received his latest and possibly greatest, assignment: to find The Town with the best beaches and boardwalk, a seaside haven known for the ultimate in fall-festival adventures. Along for the fun-finding ride is The Social Network, who immediately connects with the friendliest locals and tourists. Among the social set are the bickering Alpha and Omega, who have extended their summer stay indefinitely. After much research, and a great deal of coastal inspiration, our star-studded cast declares a passionate Conviction: that no town is better than Wildwood, no matter what the season!

Before following your own movie convictions, please check your local listings for release date changes.

The American (George Clooney, opens September 1st) assassin, ostracized from an Olde Time Italian Festival, must spend his days hiding out in an Italian village waiting for his latest and last “job” while befriending a priest (Paolo Bonacelli) and a local woman (Violante Placido).

The Town (opens September 17th) is abuzz with talk about a career criminal (Ben Affleck) and his romantic aspirations to watch the Labor Day Fireworks with the bank teller (Rebecca Hall) still reeling from his latest crime.

After being relocated to Idaho, Alpha and Omega (opens September 17th), a pair of incompatible wolves, embark on a dangerous, animated road trip back home to Canada, making a detour toward the Annual Halloween Parade and Fun Fair (already in lifelike costumes). Includes the voices of Hayden Panettiere, Justin Long and Christina Ricci.

Marni (Kristen Bell) shouts, not You Again (opens September 24th) to the former high school bully (Odette Yustman) whose graduated from annoying hair pulling and sand kicking and is now engaged to her unsuspecting brother. Also stars Betty White.

Following his kidnapping, a young Barn Own takes his first flight, soaring higher than The Giant Wheel and landing in the fabled, animated Great Ga’Hoole tree where he fights evil alongside his friends and tells wild stories of the Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole (opens September 24th). Starring the voices of Jim Sturgess, Hugo Weaving and David Wenham.

The Social Network (opens October 1st) that created Facebook, including a Harvard undergraduate (Jesse Eisenberg) and his fellow classmates, takes time out of their busy schedules to socialize at the Fall Beach Jam. Also stars Justin Timberlake and Andrew Garfield.

Life as We Know It (opens October 8th) is forever altered when two single adults (Josh Duhamel, Katherine Heigl) who went one bad date must develop an interest in paddle boats and Pink Elephant rides when they become guardians to their deceased mutual best friends’ child.

A single mom (Hilary Swank) is determined to overturn her brother’s (Sam Rockwell) false murder Conviction (opens October 15th), forgoing child-friendly miniature golf games while taking nearly 20 years studying for the bar.

A former black-ops agent (Bruce Willis) seeds Red (opens October 15th) when his tranquil, boardwalk-strolling life is threatened by a state-of-the-art assassin, forcing him to reunite with his old gang. Also stars Helen Mirren and Morgan Freeman.

In a modern Hereafter (opens October 22nd), a spectacular ocean view can be found here, there, and everywhere after a blue-collar American (Matt Damon), a French journalist (Cecile De France) and a London school boy all cope with death in director Clint Eastwood’s supernatural thriller.

In the peaceful Hereafter, which aligns with a star-struck sky, the leaves slowly change a brilliant shade of Red, among other dazzling colors. The upcoming season couldn’t be more serene as Life as We Know It will soon take on a breezier, cozier manner under a dazzling harvest moon.

During a breezy intermission, and with the soothing sound of gently waves, the cast exchange pleasantries before sharing stories about the Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole and a myriad of other tall (seaworthy) tales. Before taking the beach path leading back to their theater seats, they happily wish You (and yours) Again a Fabulous Fall at the shore!🎬🍿🍿

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