Flashback Friday Feature: Movie Days Gone By

The Best Seat in the House!

Wildwood, NJ Autumn 2018

The year 2008 proved to be a Revolutionary time at the movies, where our story-filled road led to the most entertaining of destinations. Marley was clearly man’s best friend (with Santa being a close second), Brad Pitt was ageless and Bedtime Stories came magically alive. We found ourselves inexplicably saying Yes to all that (movie) life offered. We discovered solace in a soloist all while having more fun than even Four Christmases allowed!

Hope you enjoy this week’s festive-filled Trip Back in Movie Time Tour

Originally Published in the Sun by the Sea…Holiday Edition 2008 edition

Meg the Movie Buff Goes to Hollywood

With a hint of sugar cookie mixing in the sea air, the holidays could not be any sweeter. Transported from the big, cool screen in Australia (the site of an ill-fated elves foreign exchange program) to a small frosty beach in Wildwood, NJ, Santa soon finds an entertaining respite from product placement and toy making. Despite his off duty status, he soon meets Marley (& Me) strolling along Revolutionary Road, lengthy Christmas list coincidentally in hand. Taking a moment to explain his need for brisk beach walks and concession-stand cuisine, the big guy continues on his seascape excursion only to become strangely drawn to The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Realizing he’s aged to perfection, and finally having had enough movie days and seaside stays to fill Four Christmases, he ultimately returns to the North Pole with sweet visions of movie stars dancing in his head.

Before dancing to your neighborhood movie theater, please check your local listings for release date changes.

In the latest 007 escapade, the world of James Bond (Daniel Craig) is in serious chaos and in desperate need of a comforting ocean view along with a Quantum of Solace (opens Nov. 7th). Also starring Judi Dench.

With World War II fast approaching, a proper English lady (Nicole Kidman) travels to Australia (opens Nov. 14th) intent on selling the cattle farm botched by her no-good husband and, with no boardwalk in sight for a diversion, soon falls for the landscape and the loner cowboy (Hugh Jackman) attached to it.

A dedicated dad (Viggo Mortesen) travels along The Road (opens Nov. 14th) of an isolated America on a bleak, beach less sightseeing adventure with his son (Kode Smitt-McPhee) after a catastrophe occurs.

A musical prodigy turned homeless schizophrenic (Jamie Foxx) can’t shake The Soloist (opens Nov. 21s) within when befriended by a journalist (Robert Downey Jr.) who could use a little Music by the Ocean to soothe his own pack of problems.

A harried couple (Vince Vaughn, Reese Witherspoon), wishing they could spend the holidays by the melodious sea, instead must endure Four Christmases (opens Nov. 26th) to appease each of their divorced parents.

After attending a motivational seminar, a lonesome loan officer (Jim Carrey), who once thought miniature golf was thrilling enough, will say Yes Man (opens Dec. 19th) to any and every challenge headed his way. The resulting life changes contain more ups and downs than the Great Nor-Easter. Also stars Zooey Deschanel.

A handyman (Adam Sandler) entertains his niece and nephew with Bedtime Stories (opens Dec. 25th) strangely devoid of rollercoaster rides and starry skies, only to have those fantasies become reality. Also stars Keri Russell.

Within The  Curious Case of Benjamin Button (opens Dec. 25th), there lives an inquisitive man (Brad Pitt) aging backward. Could fresh sea air contain the mysterious fountain of youth? From the F. Scott Fitzgerald short story. Also starring Cate Blanchett and Tilda Swinton.

A newspaperman (Owen Wilson), his wife (Jennifer Aniston) and kids move to Florida and learn valuable life lessons thanks to long beach walks with Marley (& Me opens Dec. 25th), their well-loved, colorful Labrador retriever. From Philadelphia Inquirer columnist John Grogan’s memoir.

A dissatisfied married couple (Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet), clearly unaware of the restorative powers a short trip to the shore provides, travel the long Revolutionary Road (opens Dec. 25th) to Paris looking for their version of the American Dream.

Because Santa isn’t the only stressed-out character in need of a Quantum of Solace found on The Road leading to the shore, our movie characters (both naughty and nice) find themselves happily saying Yes Man to a holiday season seashore break.

Following an early-evening show, our festive cast enjoys a late night cookies-and-milk session during a jam performance by The Soloist. Before drifting off during Bedtime Stories told beneath the backdrop of a moonlit sky, they joyfully experience peace on Earth and good will toward man, declaring, “Merry Christmas to all (and a Happy New Year at the movies!)”🍿🥤

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