January’s Seaside Wish List

The most fantastic, magical things can happen, and it all starts with a wish

~ Pinocchio

Wishing for more winter mornings just like this one in Wildwood, NJ

Wish Lists, happily, aren’t just for the holiday season. The dead of winter clearly requires a handy wish list, if only for things to look forward to, especially during these weirdest of times! What are your winter wishes? A simple, solitary walk on the beach does wonders for the weary psyche. Coasting along, well, the coast, on a bicycle, bundled up, of course, is sure to get the blood pumping. Ever try building a sandman on a frosty beach? While not for the faint of heart (just ask Frosty), a sunny day spent at the beach creating the perfect man of sand can be an invigorating way to pass the off-season time, preferably with a hot chocolate (and chocolate-anything, really), and a warm fireplace waiting close by, in your happiest winter retreat (even if that retreat only exists in your creative mind😊)

As we navigate through the coldest of seasons, I wish you sunny days, sweet treats and cozy nights by the fire all winter long…☃⛄🏖

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