Hello, February!

Love is the bridge between you and everything


Greeting a cold, February morning in Wildwood, NJ 2019

February watches happily as snow blends with sand. Still rides the waves! Feels the crisp air. Enjoys a quiet morning. Basks in the afternoon sun. Makes angels in the snow. Builds a snowman. Adds a carrot nose. Goes sledding. Wears multi-colored mittens. Watches icicles form outside the windows. Listens to the wind against the windowpanes. Warms up by the fireplace. Wishes for more peaceful moments. Makes vegetable soup. Wonders if the groundhog will see his shadow. Realizes the days are getting longer. Looks forward to a starlit night. Marvels at the mixture of clouds and sun. Loves Valentine’s Day! Makes heartshaped cookies. Eats lots of chocolate. Gives hugs freely. Loves always…❤💕

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