Saturday’s Seaside Health Tips


The breeze at dawn has secrets to tell you. Don’t go back to sleep…

~ Rumi

Greeting the sun on an early morning walk in Wildwood, NJ 2019

Wake up Early!

Rise with the Sun for an instant mood lifter. Once in a Wide-Awake position, both physically and mentally, take a brisk walk on the boardwalk for a low-impact workout. While walking, remember that sightseeing increases brain activity (yes, a picturesque view makes one smarter). As you’re taking in those brain-boosting sights, feeling good about the natural world in general, know that gratitude is good for the heart. A journey sprinkled with sand can only add to that heart-healthy gratitude.

Occasionally struck by the Winter Blues on your Gratitude Tour, despite your best efforts? No worries, just refocus on brighter times (making lemonade out of lemons inspires happy summer reminders). On that citrus-scented path, remember each step brings you closer to spring (and Daylight Savings Time, when the sun rises even earlier).

As the early risers among us know, these moments are perfect for reflection, offering their sweet silence and solitude (the night owls are still in bed). What could be better for the soul?

Having started the day off in the most soulful way, we’re naturally in a better frame of mind to complete any task that arises while having plenty of time to catch an early sunset, which is sure to lead to sweet, colorful dreams of all the seaside days to come…

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