Hello, March!

With rushing winds and gloomy skies, the dark and stubborn winter dies…

~ Bayard Taylor

Another beautiful end to a Wildwood night in March 2019

March makes its breezy way toward spring. Plans the year’s first shore trip!  Packs away all things winter. Warms up seaside. Opens vacant houses. Always feels the comforts of home. Arranges daffodils. Listens to the sounds of returning seagulls. Craves infinite sunshine.  Shakes sand out of beach bags. Walks along the Seawall. Admires the ocean view. Follows the horizon. Hears the faint call of summer. Sails through a bike ride.  Admires the view. Always makes times for stargazing. Aligns with April. Reaches closer to starry skies.  Realizes there’s no better place to be than by the sea…🍀☘🍀☘

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