Saturday’s Seaside Health Tip


I’m spring cleaning my head…this could take a while…

~Aunty Acid

Enjoying the clean, fresh sea air (and a just-cleaned beach:)) in Wildwood, NJ April 2021

Spring Cleaning, anyone?

It’s a known fact, at least by clean freaks, that spring cleaning is good for the mind, body and soul. Benefiting the brain and the body is a tall order, but, really, what feels better than clean, open space? Spring cleaning provides a good workout and helps prepare us for summer (a season many of us were mentally prepared for waaaay back in January). Decluttering your physical space naturally declutters your emotional space as well (while leaving more actual space for an indoor Tiki Bar… one can dream). While a little sand might provide a sweet souvenir from a day well spent, dust is not our friend! Ridding our home of it and its dirty counterparts enables us all the more to breath in the fresh sea air, a proven health elixir.

 While many among us may not find scrubbing and polishing the definition of a day of fun, just remember, spring cleaning beats snow shoveling!

Before attempting a Saturday of Sanitizing, be sure to skim through this

Handy Spring Cleaning Check List:

Check 10-Day Forecast (rainy days are made for disinfecting)

Mark it on the Calendar (making it at least look official)

Find your motivation (possibly buried deep beneath the aforementioned dust)

Get Organized! (you’ll at least look the part of a spring cleaner)

Arrange equipment/products in order of Importance (Lysol before Pledge)

Discard all winter items (more space for flip flops in every color!)

Expired products that have been in the fridge since the early 2000s are the next to go

At this point, be sure to check the weather before proceeding to the next item on the list

Toss Check List in overflowing trash can (only do this if you detect rays of sunshine…scrubbing comes before sunning)

Reward your work, or at least your good intentions, with a day at the beach

Happy Weekend!

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