Hello, May!


As full of spirit as the month of May, and as gorgeous as the sun in Midsummer…

~William Shakespeare

Following where the sun (and the spirit) leads in Wildwood, NJ Spring 2021

Originally Published in the Sun by the Sea (with a few tweaks)…print and online @ sunbythesea.com

May meets at the beach! Greets the Sunrise. 🌅Receives a Warm Wildwood Welcome. Lives the life of a beach bum. Holds the key to Happiness:) Travels by Rollercoaster.🎢 Takes Mom along for the ride. Breaks for The Sun.🌞 Finds kindred spirits along the Coast. Meets the child within on the Merry Go Round.🎠 Reveals a Sweet Life. Revels in the past. Fast forwards to a sunny future. Follows the horizon. Finds the Summer of 2021…🏖🏖

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