Sailing Through a Seaside June


And since all this loveliness cannot be Heaven, I know in my heart it is June…

~ Abba Woolson

The sun shines brightly in Wildwood NJ, welcoming the month of June (2020)

So, what’s so special about the month of June? Let me count the ways! With June comes 30 days, and something to celebrate during every single one of them…There’s roses for roaming around, honeysuckle for sweetly savoring, Dads to remember and winter to forget! There’s Yoga on the Beach and Fireworks on the Boardwalk. And can we talk about the cuisine? We’re encouraged to indulge during National Donut Day (made even sweeter by a salty sea breeze), best enjoyed alongside barbeques to appropriately applaud, among other things, National Iced Tea Day and National Corn on the Cob Day. There’s honoring the flag and, naturally, commemorating all things sun, surf and sand (sure to satisfy, or at the very least distract, even the most serious of Type A personalities).

Is there a better place to be than seaside this first month of summer?


Joins Spring with Summer

Unpacks the Beach Gear

Navigates Through Waterparks and Amusement Piers

Ends each Night with a Sail and a Sunset

Sailboats, Sunsets and Summer…

Sailing through the Summer of 2020 in Wildwood, NJ

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