Saturday’s Seaside Health Tip


Moments made for Meditating…

Coasting into the perfect weekend in Wildwood, NJ June 2021


Looking for the perfect, self-carey kind of way to start your almost-summer Saturday? Before you say, No way can I “om” my way to self-realization and relaxation (eyeroll emoji here), let’s explore what qualifies for meditation during these anything-goes days. For some, it may include the ancient, aforementioned “omming” while sitting in the odd (to some) but apparently beneficial lotus position. For many others, it’s basically being still and fully aware of their breathing (which goes just beyond remembering to actually breathe) assisted by the serene sounds of nature. Not so tough, right? Well, it sounds easy enough but that, too, can be a challenge in this hurry-up-and-get-there world, but meditation, really, is as carefree or as complicated as we make it.

In the interest of “Summer Simplifying,” some suggested forms of Seaside Meditation to ponder:

Find your own personal mantra. Some worth considering:

Life by the sea is good…

The beach has all the answers (don’t dwell on all those questions!)

Salt air heals.

I live in peace and permanent vacation…

Realize the Gift of the Present Moment

Aside from holding sweet memories close or dreaming of a happy future (i.e. beachfront property), life is meant to be lived in the here and now. We spend so much time regretting yesterday and worrying about tomorrow, making it easy to forget that the moment is all we have.

Daily Reminder: Live today, from sweet sunrise to soothing sunset!

Remember a picture is worth a thousand words

Fill your space and your focal point with photographs that make you feel good, whether of a sunrise, loved ones or your favorite foods (check Instagram regularly for that last one or avoid it altogether if you’re still struggling to drop that unfortunate “winter weight”).

Refrain from negative thoughts and chatter

This one sounds like a no-brainer but our well-intentioned brains just love to head south (and I don’t mean South Beach). Sadly, it’s easy to slip into negativity but with the practice of self-awareness, we can slooowly kick cynicism to the curb (in a polite, positive manner, of course).

Recognize all there is to be thankful for

You knew this one was coming: Finish off your moments of meditation with gratefulness for all you have, by land and by sea, and you’re on your way to (seaside) enlightenment (no oms required:))

Enjoy the journey!

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