6 Seaside Things to be Grateful for this Summer (so far)


Sweet Summer Sails…

Sailing gratefully through the Summer of 2021

There’s so much to be grateful for seaside! There’s the obvious but no-less appreciated seabreezes and scenery, sailing along the bay, relaxing beneath the sun and Concerts Under the Stars! What’s not to love about these flying-by days?? With summer in full swing, let’s take a moment (albeit a quick one ’cause we’ve got things to do!) to reflect on our seaworthy blessings:)

Your Standard Gratitude List by the Sea May Include:

The Beach Bum you’re Becoming (true dedication required here)

Keen Ability to Scope out Prime Beach Location (a learned skill)

Leisurely Waterpark Days (lazy river, anyone?)

Music (and Merry Go Round)-filled Nights

Boardwalk Cuisine (cheese fry pizza…for those who can’t decide between delicacies)

7+ weeks left of Summer!🏖⛵

Happy Seaside Weekend!

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