August’s Seaside Goals


Oh, so much to sea and do in August!

Another day in August comes to a scenic end in Wildwood, NJ 2019

Goals are important, even during the summer! I mean, how would we get from sunrise to sunset successfully without a solid plan? I, for one, plan on utilizing my time efficiently (morning beach walk + afternoon siesta = Goals!) On my most efficient of summer days, I plan to:

Awaken before the Sun

Unwind during  Beach Yoga

Greet each Day with a Smile (and SPF)

Unlock the Mysteries of the Great White Rollercoaster (as in, why should I risk life and limb?) 😱

Savor the Tastiest Boardwalk Cuisine

Take the Sandiest Path Less Traveled (fewer crowds, naturally)…

Whatever your goals during these fading-fast summer days, be sure to have fun along the way and remember to always enjoy the  view!

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