Seaside Weekend Perfection


Picture Perfect Days…

What perfect summer days are made of in Wildwood, NJ August 2017

With SPF in hand and the coolest sunglasses in place, we’re ready for another seaside weekend!  With so many worthy things to do along the coast, our brains (which, let’s face it, could really use a vacation) may be struggling to decide what to do first. Wake with the sun (capturing some scene-worthy shots) or sleep in? Hang at the beach or by the pool? Barbeque or picnic? Concert or Boardwalk? So many decisions, only so many hours in the day (but, fortunately, still many daylight hours to fill!)

 Being “seasoned seasiders,” we can surely create the perfect summer weekend in two days (or three for the lucky, long weekenders among us!) Of course, we all define things differently. One seasiders idea of perfection may revolve around hours spent relaxing at the beach while another’s schedule may include a Boardwalk sprint followed by a 2-mile bike ride (I’m tired just thinking about that!) Happily, there’s something for everyone to enjoy seaside. Simply sipping tea by the sea more your thing? Check… A porch swing and a good book on your weekend itinerary? Totally respectable activity. A day at the Waterpark preceding a night rolling from one rollercoaster to the next? Two thumbs up (perhaps throw in a trip on the Ferris Wheel for a bit of diversity and naturally, that view). All activities welcome around here!

Don’t forget to include a healthy dose of sun and sea during these most perfect of summer days.😊

Happy Weekend!

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