End of my Seaside Summer’s Must Do List


Sunsets and Summer Sails…

Speeding through the Summer of 2021 in Wildwood, NJ

“The morning had dawned clear and cold, with a crispness that hinted at the end  of summer.” ~ George R.R. Martin

Sad that summer’s end is drawing near, as the calendar clearly indicates? Fret not, summer lovers, there’s still plenty of late-summer fun to be had! Put down those nagging calendars and pick up that still-unread book from your summer reading list, or, for the more “action oriented” among us, grab that surfboard and set sail! Summer’s not over yet, there’s still so much to do…

My End of a Seaside Summer’s Must Do List would not be complete without the following Worthy Events:

Master the Perfect Downward Dog during Beach Yoga (there’s nothing like seeing the world upside down:))

Create the Summer of 2021 Photo Album (selfies always welcomed!)

Break for Dolphin Sightings!

Dive into those Summer Sails (doing my part to support the economy:))

Sail into the Sunset on Sunset Lake

Count Stars (after making countless wishes for summer to last a little longer)

Cruise into a Sweet, Seaside September…

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