Hello, Fall!

Autumnal Skies and Apple Pies…Oh, My!

Sailing colorfully into the Fall of 2020 in Wildwood, NJ

As Summer into Autumn slips

And yet we sooner say

“The Summer” that “the Autumn” lest

We turn the sun away…Emily Dickinson

Sad that summer has slipped away, as the days are getting noticeably shorter? Summer may be in the rearview mirror, but, seriously, that’s not such a bad thing! For starters, with the sun rising at a more “appropriate” hour, we get extra sleep-in time during these chillier mornings:)). Not quite ready for that chill in the air? No problem! Mother Nature’s got you covered, as the sun hovers over the ocean even more closely while we transition to those cooler temperatures, warming the earth while reflecting the most amazing light.

Happily, there’s so much waiting on that lighted path! There’s colorful leaves and corn mazes.  There’s sweet beach days and soothing bonfire nights. There’s hayrides and Halloween and, of course, the Harvest Moon! Lest we somehow briefly forget all that autumn brings, pumpkins appear on nearly every corner, casting an even more vibrant glow.

Along that glimmering trail, may you find sand, seashells (and the occasional scarecrow) within that heavenly place nestled between land and sea…

Happy Fall!!🍁🍂🍁

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