The Gratitude Tour (Seaside Style)


Gratitude is when memory is stored IN THE HEART and not in the mind…

~Lionel Hampton

Gratefully starting a brand new day in Wildwood, NJ November 2019

Through the eyes of gratitude, everything is a miracle ~ Mary Davis

When we take the time to look around, we discover there’s so much to be grateful for this season! Where to begin? The beginning of the day seems an appropriate place to start (duh!) Walking along the beach early in the morning is a feast for the miracle-seeking eyes. Let’s look around, really watch the sunrise over the ocean, witness the pastel hues emerging as darkness somehow blends with light, and appreciate the miracle of that moment. Should we let those little, everyday (weather permitting) miracles go un-noticed?  Aren’t we better for having been a witness?

Continuing on our gratifying sightseeing tour, we’re sure to encounter fellow humans soaking up the sandy scenery in various states of their own grateful awareness. There’s the photographers among us, stopping to capture the perfect, cellphone-worthy shots, there’s the architects of sorts, sculpting dream-worthy castles and snowmen, or for the highly skilled, turkeys, made of sand (an underrated skill). Naturally, there’s the occasional surfer, heading into that picture-worthy sunrise, becoming one with the artist’s canvas. Lest we forget the joggers, who remind us to take care of ourselves physically while the aforementioned creators are reminding us to slow down and take in the panoramic view.

Beyond our sandy slice of Heaven, the world and our thanksgiving feast awaits (sightseeing builds an appetite). The best Thanksgiving celebrations come complete with a long boardwalk walk (required for some following the aforementioned food frenzy), with a view naturally worth walking for (when we’d rather be snoozing by a fireplace).

As our excursion comes to a close, we’ll likely find quiet times when the soothing sounds of the sea really resonate. At the center of it all, of course, are the people we love, because life’s little miracles that fill the biggest space in our hearts are made even sweeter with people to share it all with.

From bayside to beachside, wherever you find yourself this long, holiday weekend, wishing you all that makes you grateful (alongside a sweet ocean view)…

Happy Thanksgiving!

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