January’s Seaside Resolutions


One-of-a-Kind Winter Skies…

Resolving to enjoy a picture-perfect winter night in Wildwood, NJ 2019

Turns out, sleeping in on a cold, winter morning is a perfectly respectable thing to do! During waking hours, there’s always something beautiful to appreciate by the sea. To name a few, there’s the sun reflected over the ocean, snow blending with sand, more stars at night and lots of wishes just waiting to be made. Why not resolve to just be happy in the here and now (while patiently waiting for brighter beach days to come, of course?)

During these Darker Winter Days, I Resolve To:

Say Yes! to Lazy Saturday Mornings

Bundle up and Build a Snowman⛄⛄

Try Water Aerobics (sans Ocean)

Watch more Sunsets…🌇

Find the Artist Within

Live in the Moment

Look Forward to all those Sunnier Seaside Days Ahead🌞

What’s on your Resolution List in 2022?

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