Saturday’s Seaside Health Tips


Enjoy life, you only get one…

~ Richard Branson

Enjoying a sweet sunrise in Wildwood, NJ 2017

Do Something You Enjoy!

Okay, this one sounds a bit obvious, but we’re so busy complicating everything, thinking about the Big Things we can’t have, that we forget the simple things readily available to us. Caught up in all of the stuff we have to do, it’s easy to forget the little things we actually like to do. Enjoy an afternoon siesta? Go for it! Maybe relaxing with a cup of the hot beverage of your choice on the porch, bundled up and watching the world fly by is your deal. Relax away. Those little, enjoyable moments are priceless, people! Just ask the good people at Starbucks. They know the Secret to Life’s Simple Pleasures. Throw in a blueberry scone or a chocolate chip anything and you’ve got yourself a winter party:)

During these darker days, let’s make time for those mini winter breaks. When the sun comes up, let’s get out there, however briefly, breathe in the fresh air and simply enjoy where we are in the here and now. Really take in the view, whether it’s sunny or snowy, knowing both are beautiful in their own way. Let’s remember it’s not all about working and waiting for summer vacation. Yes, many among us are counting the days until summer (hand raised over here), but let’s make these days count, too!

Here’s to enjoying this one and only life in every season, by land or by sea…🍫☕🛌

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