Winter’s Seaside Affirmations


The Wonders of Winter…

Affirming to appreciate a beautiful, bitterly cold Winter morning in Wildwood, NJ 2019

Today is a brand-new day by the sea. I focus on the warmth of my inner sun (not the freezing of my outer self). I fill my body and soul with warm memories and hot beverages. I am grateful for the darkness (which consumes 13 hours and 53 minutes of this day, but who’s counting?) I confidently face each challenge that crosses my path….takeout or cook in…snowman building or noontime napping? Frozen fingers and toes serve as a reminder that I am alive (and will thaw out in time for spring). I follow my path to enlightenment, which ultimately leads to a bayside sunset and a cozy fireplace. I discover winter’s magic (hot chocolate bombs and hand warmers, in that order) and live happily in this beautiful, blustery moment…

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