Saturday’s Seaside Health Tip


The Great Outdoors

Greeting the sun in Wildwood, NJ 2020

Get Outside!

Thanks to studies conducted by Some Really Smart People (and anyone who’s actually been by the sea), we know that time spent along the coast is good for the mind, body and spirit. We’re inspired to get outside more, breath in the fresh air and soak up some all-important vitamin D (sunblock properly applied, of course). As Mother Nature would have it, sunlight increases serotonin, the ultimate mood booster. Outdoors is where the real fun begins. While standing still offers pretty scenery (feeding the spirit), we, naturally, or at least eventually, are motivated to move. A beach walk offers more benefits than a typical walk, with sand providing an extra exercise session. All of our senses are alive thanks to the salty air, the coastal scents, aforementioned scenery and the sound of seagulls, giving our brains their own workout session.

While winter limits the amount of play we can actually have, its laidback vibes encourage rest and relaxation (following those “workouts”) as we wait for spring’s eventual arrival.

A warm day, or as I like to call it, an actual winter break, makes time outdoors even more valuable (before snow showers eventually return, temporarily replacing the sun).

While patiently waiting for spring, don’t forget to do a bit of ocean stargazing, where the best wishes are granted…

Happy Weekend!!

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