Saturday’s Seaside Winter Workout


A Scenic Seaside Walk…

Walking into a beautiful weekend in Wildwood, NJ 2019

Think winter is a season for sedentary lifestyles? Hmmm…snoozing by a cozy fireplace is certainly tempting during these chilly days, but before indulging in that worthy “winter sport,” why not get a bit of actual exercise in first? So, what’s the best way to a good “Winter Work Out,” you may ask. Clearly, nothing too strenuous! We have to conserve our strength for an active, upcoming summer!

Perhaps today we take a quick walk (the quicker you walk, the warmer you’ll be) along the beach, breathe in deep that salty air (exercise for the lungs), really move those arms (assuming you’re a safe, smacking distance away from fellow winter walkers), admire the beautiful, albeit frosty view (eye exercise) and just Be in the Moment (an exercise in Mindfulness).

Following that clearly productive walk, I think we’ve earned a sunny spot (indoors) and a good book (or movie, depending on your entertainment preference), counting the days until summer (brain exercise).    

 Whatever “Winter Sport” you choose this weekend, may you find a beautiful sunset waiting at the end of it…

The Wonders of a Winter Sunset…

All paths lead to a beautiful Wildwood Winter Sunset 2019

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