Saturday’s Seaside Health Tip


The Perfect Saturday?

Beach, Beauty and Benevolence…

A Beautiful Beach Day meant to be shared in good-for-the-soul Wildwood, NJ Autumn 2019

If you light a lamp for someone else, it will also brighten your path…Buddha

Do Something for Someone Else

Clearly, Buddha was a wise old soul (from a young age, I imagine) and would know how to brighten even the darkest path. We know what’s good for the soul is also beneficial for the body. So what, you may wonder, can you do for someone else that will, as an added bonus, light your way through the rest of winter? So many things! Remember, nothing is too little to the person who receives it (unless it’s a Hershey kiss, but good things come in small packages😊). Your day, and overall well-being, is guaranteed to be better if you perform a simple act of kindness for someone else. Warm, fresh-baked cookies for those tired co-workers, a batch of homemade soup for a neighbor, shoveling someone’s walkway, the Do-Good List is endless!

“Experts” agree: Kindness is the #1 cure for those late Winter Blues (with fresh, sea air coming in a close 2nd).

Before the dark winter breaks, what can you do to spread a little sunshine?

May you share the kindest and warmest of winter weekends, by land or by sea…

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