Saturday’s Seaside Self Care


The Chosen View…

A springtime sunrise just for you in Wildwood, NJ 2020:)

Ready for an All-About-Me Weekend? Of course, we are! Where should we begin? Well, there’s your standard sleeping in, but doing so risks missing a sunrise. Sleep may be good for the body, but sunrise-watching is oh so soothing for the soul. Also, the earlier we rise, the sooner we can partake in a Starbucks run (cappuccino and blueberry scone, anyone?)

With our souls and body well-fed, we’re ready to face the day. There’s so much we could be doing (emphasis on could as opposed to should)! Sure, there’s pre-spring cleaning, sock sorting and food shopping, but do we really want to perform these tasks on our designated all-about-me day? I think not! That’s what Mondays are for! Today we’ve got Netflix marathons to watch, bestsellers to read and snacks to be had (with our toughest decisions being sweet versus salty).

Following a full day of our chosen form of entertainment (and a clearly needed siesta), we’re ready for that sunset (happily occurring a bit later so we don’t need to rush through these sweet times).

In whatever way you choose to spend your weekend, may you enjoy the sweetest moments, from sunrise to sunset…

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