Spring’s Seaside Things


Sun, Sea and Spring

Spring by the Sea in Wildwood, NJ 2021

How do I love spring? Let me count the ways😊

Ready to ditch those bulky sweaters and snow shovels? No raised hands required; I hear a resounding Yes! from my spring-loving friends! This pastel-colored season really is a feast for the senses. The sights and smell of flowers in bloom (antihistamine ever-present), blended with that salty air… feeling lighter (thanks to the aforementioned heavy clothing ditching)… breathing in the sea…breathing out the stress… signs of life popping up on every sandy corner….long, breezy Boardwalk strolls…extended sunlight (for even more sightseeing)…puddle jumping (because we can’t enjoy the sunshine without the occasional storm)…bike rides…driving with the top down…buying sunglasses in every color…spring break! Braking for sunsets… Easter and, of course, the Easter Bunny (preferably covered in chocolate)…picnics in the park…

Just a few of my favorite spring things, made even sweeter by the sea…

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