Hello, April!

April Leaves its Footprints in the Sand…

Following the path that naturally leads to the sun in Wildwood, NJ April 2021

April arrives with aweinspiring energy. Touches the blooming flowers. 🌸 Plays jokes. Leaves winter behind. Openly embraces spring. 🦋 Notices the birds making their way back. Dyes Easter eggs. Buys jellybeans. Takes a picture with the Easter Bunny. Sings in the church choir. ⛪ Believes in Angels😇. Says a prayer. Wishes time would slow down. Takes an extended walk on the beach. 🏖 Loves the longer days. Sees a rainbow! 🌈 Looks for the pot of gold. Races up the “Boards!” Goes arcade hopping. Takes a ride on the Ferris Wheel. 🎡 Savors samples of saltwater taffy. 🍬Travels happily by tram car. Brakes for ice cream. 🍦 Cruises closer to summer…. 🌞

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