Spring’s Seaside Tour


Taking the sandiest and sunniest tour through town…

Waking with the late-summer sun in Wildwood, NJ 2020

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step…

No Fitbit to track those many miles? No worries, surely a seaside journey’s steps need no calculation! We don’t’ really even need direction; we can just go with the flow and follow the Seabreezes wherever they may lead. However, supposing we wanted to follow a plan, instinctively any Seaside Tour worth its sea salt would start at the beach. Happily, this is where we will find the best sunrise, assuming we’re awake in time to venture out for it (Proud Morning People, raise hands). Once up and out, the walk along the Seawall is destined to refresh your tired body as well as your weary soul. Hop onto the beach and catch those color-filled early morning sights, sure to revive you better than the strongest cup of coffee (no, really).

Having started our journey on the right, no-caffeine-required foot, what’s next on our Sightseeing Adventure, you may wonder. Well, if we walk long enough, we will eventually end up on the Boardwalk (where the best breakfast awaits, with the most spectacular view, naturally).

After fueling up with tasty food (and, ok, sweet coffee) we’re ready to continue along our sandy, “thousand miles” (or less) steps. We could settle in for a picturesque tram car ride, if breakfast has us too full to fully move, but supposing we’re energized courtesy of our recent cuisine and happy surroundings, a bike ride the length of the ‘Boards may be the perfect way to see the sights while working off those calories.

Following our whatever-form-we-choose-to-travel Boardwalk visit (with a bit of relaxation thrown in there thanks to the perfect “people-watching” benches), we’ve still got places to go! We could head back to the beach or take in a “competitive” round of miniature golf (where ice cream awaits both winners and losers). For those looking to chill, there’s a drive through town with the top down, traveling from beach to bay for the ultimate sandy scenery.

Completing our tour, of course, is that bayside destination, where we’re promised a one-of-a-kind sunset designed to fill our dreams with the sweetest colors.

Wishing you the sweetest dreams this holiday weekend (and a chocolate bunny or two) …

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