May’s Seaside To Do List

May Makes an Entrance…

The magical month of May hovers over the horizon in Wildwood, NJ 2021

Oh, what a busy month we’re going to have seaside!  So much to do before summer officially starts! We’ve got to locate the best spot on the beach (for scenery and sun), find the most scenic route to the Boardwalk and, once there, enjoy the best pizza places (where to start?), determine our favorite ice cream flavors (so many to choose from!), discover which thrill ride offers the most thrilling view (wisely saving our “snacking” until after the ride)… Clearly, our calendars will be complete, with so much taste testing, fine dining and scenery watching occurring during the Summer of 2022. Remember, the finest summers don’t just happen, we’ve got to make them happen!

Amidst all of our “important, thought-provoking detective work,” let’s not forget to:

Make time for Mom

Arise Before the Sun

Yield to a Sweet Life by Bay, Beach and Boardwalk🎢🍕🍦

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