Spring’s Guaranteed-to-Work Seaside Workout Plan


Shaping up for a Seaside Summer

Getting in those sandy steps in Wildwood, NJ May 2021

Ready to get in shape for summer? Worried you don’t have What it Takes to be fit and fabulous? No worries, I have a plan even the most dedicated couch potato/beach bum can handle!

Rise before the sun, seasiders, we’re heading toward summer!

Let’s be real, we’re burning calories from sunup to sundown. Afterall, just getting out of bed (a tough task in itself) and heading toward the kitchen takes steps (especially when actual steps are involved:)). A nutritious (let’s just assume) breakfast requires chewing each bite 32 times (jaw exercise). Next up, a scenic walk will obviously give our (probably still) tired bodies a workout but our minds are also being exerted. The sunrise over the ocean produces beauty while provoking thoughts on All Things Good. The world is a better place, we realize, when painted in such pretty colors. Suddenly, we’re feeling pretty good and somewhat awake.

Following our healthy brain training (which, let’s face it, rivals time at the gym), there’s still plenty of things to occupy our Fitness Time. There’s yoga on the beach, boogie boarding and water aerobics for the truly energetic among us. For the rest of us, there’s sandcastle building, seashell collecting and people-watching-while-lounging-in-a-beach-chair (all underrated sports). Lest we forget, we have a Boardwalk loaded with thrill rides, which naturally, will inspire lots of screaming (lung exercise) and hand waving (upper body strength training).

As we eventually head toward the sweet comfort of our seaside dwellings, clearly, we’ve had a  full, physically-and-mentally fit day! Time to kick back and relax. We deserve it! 😊

Whatever “sport” you engage in, may your weekend be sunny and sandy!

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