“Seaside Suzie’s Sunsational Advice Column”


Take my advice. I don’t use it anyway:)

~ Anonymous Advice Giver

Beating the heat during an early morning beach walk in Wildwood, NJ May 2022

(not endorsed by any professional institution by land or sea) 😜

Dear Seaside Suzie,

Well, spring is still lingering all around me and my seasonal allergies have me fearful to leave the house! How can I get any beach time if I’m stuck inside?? Any suggestions on how I can enjoy the Great Seaside Outdoors without draining my tear ducts?


Watery Eyed in West Wildwood

Dear Watery Eyed,

Obviously, I have no medical degree, but I do have the Degree of Common Sense. If your allergies are that bad (thanks for the visual, by the way), I suggest bringing the Great Sandy Outdoors to you. A DIY beach box (not to be confused with a kitty litter box), big enough for your beach chair and beach bucket will almost make you feel those gentle sea breezes. Alexa will naturally provide the sounds of the ocean; all you need to supply is a bit of imagination and your “beach day” will be complete (no SPF required).

Happy, Healthy Sunbathing👙

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