June’s Seaside To Do List


Sunsets and a Seaside June…

Taking in a spectacular sunset is clearly a team effort in Wildwood, NJ June 2021

It’s almost officially summer (cue the confetti and fireworks), but let’s be real, summer started for many of us when the temperature reached above 62 degrees (and we experienced the joys of a 3-day weekend!) These are busy times we’re living in, my friends! There are barbeques to attend, vacations to plan, and, oh, so many beachy moments waiting to be had. Equally important are all of those sweet, simple moments that can only be experienced by just being in the, you guessed it, Present Moment.

 Wishing you a summer full of the sweetest, simplest moments, by land or by sea.

Don’t forget during these oh, so busy days to make time for those Important Things. I fully intend to:

Jam to the Sounds of the Sea

Unveil the Sunniest, Beachiest Moments (morning sunrise, anyone?)

Navigate (by bike… hello, cardio) toward the Sweetest of Boardwalk Treats

End each Grateful Day alongside my Fellow Seasiders for a Spectacular Sunset

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