How to be Happy on Purpose


Happiness starts at the Beach:)

Having the happiest of starts to the day at the beach in Wildwood, NJ June 2022

As the clock finally strikes Summer, there’s so much happiness just waiting to be had! Where do we begin? Is happiness residing on the beach, in a sailboat on the bay, a comforting (a.k.a. caffeine infused) coffee house? Does it reside humbly in a sweet, little seaside cottage or high atop the Giant Ferris Wheel, where surely the brightest views occur? Is it in the future (where we, the happy lottery winners, are admiring the ocean view from our very own prime location with its very own priceless view?)

What if happiness really is an inside job, as the People who Know Things would have us believe? Does it really matter where we dwell? We can be happy in the here or now, right where we humbly stand, right? Hmmm….if we resolve to be happy, we don’t need all that sandy goodness… Of course, should we be standing on sandy territory, during the sunniest of seasons, does that increase our level of pure joy? Summer’s seaside enthusiasts would shout a resounding, Yes! Afterall, isn’t it easier to be happier in the sunshine than in the rain, with a colorful seascape backing us up?

As we begin our Summer by the Sea, Version 2022, let us always remember how fortunate we are to experience seaside bliss, if only (for some of us) a brief period of time. Those seemingly little moments inspire the sweetest memories and greatest photo opportunities (no modeling experience required:)).

Wherever you roam this memory-building summer, may you always be grateful for the road you’re traveling on, and may your trail be beautiful and bright, with a whole lotta sand marking your well-worn path!

Happy First Weekend of Summer! 🌞🌞

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