Hello, July!


Driving into the Summer of 2022

Following a long “winter’s walk,” Summer has finally arrived in Wildwood, NJ 2022

Originally Published in the Sun by the Sea [print and online @ sunbythesea.com]

July jams to its own beat. Wakes to the smell of water lilies. Begins each day in awe. Builds sandcastles beneath the boardwalk. Jogs on the beach. Blissfully unwinds with Beach Yoga. 🧘‍♀️Perfects the sun salutation. Salutes summer. Sings in the sunshine. Draws the skyline. Finds the artist within. Surfs the waves.🌊 Sinks into soft sand. Hears the call of the ocean. Listens with an open heart. Heads to camp. Gets crafty. Cares completely. Celebrates Christmas in July!🎅 Loves beyond limits. Takes a trip on a trolley. Savors boardwalk treats. Saves room for ice cream. Feels inspired. Forgets regrets. Remembers moments. Meets life with delight. Catches one last glimpse of sun🌞 peeking through pink clouds. Imagines the perfect day. Lives it. Loves every minute. Sleeps soundly. Dreams sweetly

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